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Free Spirit Slot Machine – Wheel of Wealth

Free Spirit 3 Reel Slot Machine – Wheel of Wealth

This is one of the many 3 reel slot machines with the wheel of wealth bonus feature that can be found in UK online casino’s and played for free or pay to play.  We recommend downloading the software from RiverBelle Casino UK.

Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine Game

Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth Slot Machine Game

This is a 3 reel slot machine with a single win line and wheel of fortune bonus feature.  The game play is uncomplicated as are the pay tables and you can choose either £1 or £2 per spin. If the £1 spin is selected the orange column of the pay table stays lit up and its red for the £2 spin, I do like that it is clear and distinctive between the two betting options.  The common win is a horse head symbol and pays out for a single, double or all 3 on the win line and the other symbols are bars, 7’s and the jackpot being the free spirit symbol.  In addition to the wheel of fortune getting a single free spirit on the win line pays out x2 and two of them pays out x4.

Bonus Wheel of Fortune

Wealth of Wealth Bonus Trigger

Wealth of Wealth Bonus Trigger

You can only trigger the bonus feature if you play £2 a spin and the Wheel of Wealth bonus is triggered by getting the spin symbol on the 3rd reel on the win line.

Wheel of Weath Bonus Spin

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The Free Spirit wheel of wealth is the same as many others that can also be played at Lucky Nugget Casino UK. The amount you win on the wheel of fortune is random and ranges from from £20 up to £1000.  Whenever I try these wheel of fortune bonuses I am lucky and usually get £200 or above and realise everyone’s luck is different.

If you enjoy this type of slot machine with the wheel of fortune then I can recommend this as you get the feature often enough to keep you playing.

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Free Spirit Slot Machine Summary
Paylines: 1 Line (3 Reel)
Min. Coin Size: £1.00
Max. Coin Size: £1.00
Bonus Feature: Yes
Free Spins Feature: No
Gamble Option: No
Biggest Wins/Best Pays: £5000 for 3 Free spirit logos or £1000 on wheel of wealth.
Our Rating: 6 out of 10

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