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Cops and Robbers Fruit Machine

Cops n Robbers Pub Style Fruit Machine

Cops N Robbers Fruit Machine Screenshot

Cops N Robbers Fruit Machine Screenshot

If you enjoy a large variety of bonus features then this game I can highly recommend.  The theme of this pub style fruit machine is based around a copper chasing the robber and symbols included are: single & double gold bullion bars, a pair of handcuffs, the old style Bobbie police helmet, a smiling robbers face and of course classic fruit and 7 symbol found on many pub fruit machines. It can be played on various on line casinos including Lucky Nugget UK Online Casino.  What makes this game so much fun and exciting is the many features and bonuses it has, with plenty to keep you interested.  I have played this game for many hours and it’s still captivating me to keep those reels spinning in the hope of getting the bonus and hidden features following nudges or even just after a spin.  I remember playing a cops and robbers fruit machine in my local pub and now I can play it from the comfort of my own home online.

Exciting Bonus Features of Cops and Robbers Fruit Machine

What makes this game enthralling and addictive is the bonus feature with the large variety of ways to win.  The feature is activated when 3 swag bags are showing anywhere in view on the 3 reels and you are then taken to the bonus screen.  There is a lot going on in the bonus screen with a winding path broken up into individual squares with a feature in each, the robber is showing showing at the start ready carrying his swag bag.  To start this bonus you press the red spin button and the wheel to the left spins to a random number from 1-12.  This bonus feature reminds me of board games such as snakes & ladders with you trying to escape capture and avoiding pitfalls. The theme of this fruit machine bonus is the robber escaping capture by the copper who is in hot pursuit and like the board game you each takes a turn to move. When it spins a number the robber is first to move then its the copper’s turn and the wheel spins and moves that amount of squares.  The further up you go escaping capture the higher the feature pays out with the ultimate goal is escaping capture at the very end of the path with the big cops and robbers feature leading to the largest amount of payout, this does not happen often I assume due to the very large payout.

What is very helpful during the bonus feature you can click on any square and it explains exactly what it is.

Cops n Robbers Fruit Machine Bonus Screen

Cops n Robbers Fruit Machine Bonus Screen

Red Squares: Each one has a different feature and if you click your mouse on the square then an explanation comes up.  Obviously the higher up you go the possible payout for these features increases.

Yellow Squares: Land on one of these and if collected the feature is multiple of the amount you stake starting at 4x near the start up to 200x near the top.

Blue Squares: These squares are set nudges staring off with 2 nudges going upto 50 right at the top.  When you land on one of these in the digital message box tells you how much the nudge win is and if collected the nudges are done automatically for you.

Orange Squares: These are win spin squares starting off with 2 going up to 20.  Each spin is a winner and this feature is a personal favourite of mine and one that i find exciting watching all the spins being a winner.

Green Square: This square is one you want to avoid, when landing on there it is a game of random chance and pressing spin button stops it on either, carry on, lose, copper gets an extra spin, skill continue when you have to stop on the end of the word.

Purple Square: Is one I like as it is the bonus square with random options to advance you up the path such as boost, an extra spin and the chance of getting an extra life so when caught by the copper or lose on the green square your feature continues using the extra life up.

Another exciting feature of the game play is the shown and hidden features which are completely random.

Nudges: These are random which you can get up 1-4. You either get a random amount or the option to gamble them.  If you decide not to use them sometimes they hold for the next spin. I have found often through playing that i am often given the option to hold the wheels following nudges if you do not nudge in a win.  Following the nudge if you have nudged to of the same symbols it randomly gives a hold but if it tells you to ‘Let it spin!’.  If this feature happens you do not hold anything and let them spin the win in.  Anther random feature following nudges the light sequence changes on the hold button and one real will jump up and down a couple of times and it tells you to ‘hold it’.  Holding it spins the win in.

Shifta: It will randomly stop on a symbol on thew win line and spins the win straight in.

Play Cops n Robbers Fruit Machine in Lucky Nugget Casino Software

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Cops & Robbers Fruit Machine Summary
Paylines: 1 Line (3 Reel)
Min. Coin Size: £0.10
Max. Coin Size: £10.00
Bonus Feature: Yes
Free Spins Feature: No
Gamble Option: No
Biggest Wins/Best Pays: Either 200x your bet or a cumulative series of wins during the feature.
Our Rating: 7 out of 10

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