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Lucky Charmer Bonus Reel Slots Game Review

Lucky Charmer Bonus Reel Slot Machine

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Lucky Charmer Bonus Reel Slot Machine

Lucky Charmer is a snake charmer themed reel slots game. It has 3 reels and is a fixed value machine so the possible bets are £1, £2 and £3 – a bet of £3 is required to be eligible for the bonus feature. The symbols include green cobras, chillis, lucky 7s, bar symbols and King Cobra, which must land on the payline on the 3rd reel to start your feature game. The top pay from regular pays is 3 green cobras – King cobra can stand in on the payline for this – it pays £5000. The bonus feature has a variety of pays unique to that game – play it at The Gaming Club UK Casino.

Exciting Features of Lucky Charmer Reel Slots

The bonus feature is an unusual one, you’re presented with a scene of a snake charmer and you must choose an instrument from the mat in front of him.  Depending on what appears from the 3 baskets he’s charming, you’re assigned a cash prize for each. You don’t tend to find snakes rising from the baskets but rather random stuff like a cactus, bellydancer, periscope, alien, Elvis, a balloon, a tiger (a high paying symbol) and more. Prizes range from £3 for a balloon, £60 for an alien, £120 for the belly dancer and £300 for the tiger. If a cobra rises from the basket, the paying win is £600 – a huge win for this kind of reel slot.

Comments from the player perspective: If you can afford to play it, it’s a fun game because the bonus is not uncommon. The other pays are OK as well and if you’re really lucky, you could hit the £5000 pay with 3 cobras.

Lucky Charmer Reel Slots Bonus Preview

Lucky Charmer Reel Slots Bonus Preview

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Lucky Charmer Slot Machine Summary
Paylines: 1 Line (3 Reel)
Min. Coin Size: £1.00
Max. Coin Size: £1.00
Bonus Feature: Yes
Free Spins Feature: No
Gamble Option: No
Biggest Wins/Best Pays: £5000 for 3 Cobras.
Our Rating: 5 out of 10

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