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Game On! 3 Reel Fruit Machine Review

Game On – Animal Football Cup Fruit Machine

Game On Fruit Machine

Game On Fruit Machine Screen

Game On! is more of the type of fruit machine that can be found in an amusement arcade.  If spinning in plenty of wins, the chance of holds following the win and a very high feature payout appeals, this is the fruit machine for you! It can be played in various UK online casinos, I would recommend JackpotCity Casino UK.  The theme of this fruit machine is safari animals playing football with some classic fruit machine favourite symbols including; cherries, 7’s,  lemons and melons. The rest of the pays are theme based symbols including; football boots, explorer hat, referee whistle and a gold cup.

You can select between £1, £2, £5 or £10 per spin and the payout table ranges from x2 up to x100 of your stake and is very clear and lit up.

Exciting High Payout Bonus Feature and Classic Features

Features:  You randomly get holds on the fruit machine but what is exciting the chance of holding a win.  This has happened very often whilst playing and from my personal experience three 7’s has been a common payout for me but everyone’s luck is different.

Nudges: Nudges are given randomly and I found I got them a lot, you can be given up to 4 nudges.  Randomly you get the chance to gamble nudges or they repeat and there is chance of the nudges to bank for the next spin.

Bonus feature trigger: To activate the bonus feature you need to get 3 football symbols anywhere in view.

Bonus Feature: There are 3 rows of footballs and these all have different multipliers of your stake. The lowest being the hyena 25x up to 250x, zebra 2x up to 100x and the monkey 25x up to the jackpot.  When you hit the stop button it randomly stops on the animal row of balls.  It is then a skill feature with the balls being lit up from the bottom rising to the top and you have to try and stop it there.  I found it easy to stop it on the top amount as the light flashing does not go too quick.

Game On! Fruit Machine Bonus Screen

Game On! Fruit Machine Bonus Screen

From a players perspective: This skill bonus feature is really exciting,  if you manage to stop it on the jackpot there is a chance of a repeat making it potentially very high feature payout.  I have found the feature does not come in often but that’s understandable with the potential of very high payouts.  I won often on the normal game play and the excitement of repeatable wins (with the hold buttons) keeps it interesting.  You can play this in many UK online casinos and it can be played free or for real money, I played this at JackpotCity Casino UK.

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Game On! Fruit Machine Summary
Paylines: 1 Line (3 Reel)
Min. Coin Size: £0.10
Max. Coin Size: £10.00
Bonus Feature: Yes
Free Spins Feature: No
Gamble Option: No
Biggest Wins/Best Pays: 1000 x your bet.
Our Rating: 6 out of 10

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