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Dubya Money Online Fruit Machine

Dubya Money 3 Reel Fruit Machine

Dubya Money Fruit Machine Game Screenshot

Dubya Money Fruit Machine Game Screen

 If bonus features are your thing, then the Dubya Money fruit machine game is probably for you! The theme here is obviously based around a renowned ex-President known as George “Dubya” Bush and other symbols include oil barrels, a map of Texas, a Stetson hat and of course all the fruit you expect to see on a pub fruit machine. It can be played at various online casinos including the Gaming Club UK Casino. This game is very bonus screen based and there’s a lot to do to keep those reels spinning!

Exciting Features of Dubya Money Fruit Machine

  This fruit machine is heavily feature based. Any time the numbers across the bottom of the reels make it across to “Start”, you’re sent off to the bonus screen and you have to stop the flashing symbols to select your feature. There’s 5 possible features you could land on to play at this point. Oil Strike, Nudgemania,  Spin-A-Win,  Win Again! and Dubya Money! The first four you land on a lot, but the big one is Dubya Money! and that is something rarely played unfortunately – I assume due to the healthy pays I had the one time it landed on it.

 There’s a wide range of ways to actually get into the bonus screen. Random nudges, random offers to hold reels and bonus symbols actually on the reels which can lead to a boost or skillshot to start the feature – some of the reels of course have little numbers in the corner so the counter across the bottom is able to move to the Start just by lighting them up as they appear.

Oil Strike Bonus: The symbols down the right hand side and underneath start flickering as the light skips between them all randomly. You choose one of the hold buttons undeneath the reels and when you click on it, whichever symbol is lit up at the time is the amount you’re playing for. For example, if it lands on the Stetsons, you can get 30x your original bet. Once your choice is made, the reels spin and if there’s an oil barrel in the middle of the reel you clicked hold under, you win the multiplier – otherwise you lose.

Nudgemania: There’s a row of numbers down the left hand side of Dubya’s picture and the light skips between them. You click the stop (spin) button and then you have a chance to increase your nudges. Basically the idea is to use your timing to increase your nudges until there’s a possible win from the reels. It’s not a great feature as usually you end up with nothing.

Spin-A-Win: This feature is simple, it just spins up a random win from the symbols in the game. Often it’s the 2x cherries but sometimes it’s something much better.

Win Again!: Lists all the different wins in the text box above the reels and you click stop to land on your win. Another simple bonus.

Dubya Money!: This is the biggest bonus game you can land on. It uses the three sets of 3 reel displays in the bonus game to add up big wins in the cashpot in the top left corner. This is a rare bonus feature but that’s due to the pays you win when you finally do spin it up.

Dubya Money Bonus Screen

Dubya Money Bonus Screen

There is one more unique thing about this fruit machine – whenever you get an organic win of three of the same symbol across the wheels, the circle around George’s head spins and he either gets voted in or voted out – if he gets voted in, your win is doubled and it continues to spin around until he gets voted out. I’ve turned a £2 win into a £14 win, just by GWD getting voted in far too much!!

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Dubya Money Fruit Machine Summary
Paylines: 1 Line (3 Reel)
Min. Coin Size: £0.10
Max. Coin Size: £10.00
Bonus Feature: Yes
Free Spins Feature: No
Gamble Option: No
Biggest Wins/Best Pays: Dubya Money Feature (rare).
Our Rating: 6 out of 10

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