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The casino software is available in a wide range of currencies and supports various languages and regions, below is a list as of June 2012 of supported languages and regions, it is of course subject to change so you’ll need to visit the website to see if you’re eligible to play at Jackpot City.

•JackpotCity Casino –
•JackpotCity Casino UK –
•JackpotCity Casino Australian –
•JackpotCity Casino New Zealand –
•JackpotCity Casino Canada –
•JackpotCity Casino Danish –
•JackpotCity Casino Norwegian –
•JackpotCity Casino Swedish –
•JackpotCity Casino Portuguese –
•JackpotCity Casino German –
•JackpotCity Casino Italian –
•Jackpotcity Casino Spanish –
•JackpotCity Casino Dutch –
•JackpotCity Casino Russian –
•Jackpotcity Casino Poland –
•JackpotCity Casino Greek –
•JackpotCity Casino French –
•Jackpotcity Casino Japanese –
•JackpotCity Casino Turkey –

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