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Preview of Jackpot City UK Casino Software – Games View Interface

Jackpot City Screenshot - Preview of Casino Software

Jackpot City Screenshot – Preview of Casino Software (Games View)

The casino software comes with an easy to use interface. The games are categorised in an easy to find way and the navigation is great for those who know what they like when it comes to slot machines and casino table games. When you browse and click on any game name, the column down the right hand side gives you a brief preview and a few words about that game as well as a “jackpot thermometer” to give you an idea of how hot the game is. Click here to download the software to your computer.

Let’s take a look through the left hand side navigation;

New Games: This pages shows the most recently added games, this includes both slots and table games. It’s a great way to catch up on what’s been added since you last visited the casino. Updated games are also often placed in this section.

Favourites: Games you play the most or choose to add to favourites are found here. It’s a time saver when you want to play the games you really like rather than clicking through the menus to find them.

Progressive Jackpots: These can be played only for real money because they feature generous jackpots and it would not be fair to have free players add to the jackpot in these. The types of games with progressive jackpots are table games, slot machines and video poker.

Slots: This is the largest section in the software. There is a huge amount of slot machines available in the casino software and the range grows semi-monthly. They are seperated into Video Slots, which is then arranged by how many paylines the game has. There’s also a reel slots section which has a small range of 1-5 line games. A megaspin section where you play multiple reel slots on one screen and a fruit machines section with traditional fruit machines available to play.

Tables: The casino table games section is where you’ll find the Blackjack Tables, Roulette Wheels, Poker Games (including Texas Hold ’em), Baccarat Games and more.

Video Pokers: This section features a wide variety of video pokers, seperated into Standard, Level-up Pokers, Power Pokers and Reel Play Poker.

Unique Games: This section is mostly made up of scratch card type games. It also has Keno and a Wheel of Riches you can place bets on and win multiples of your bet.

Multi-Player: Here is where you can join other real players in table and slots games in a unique environment of play. You create a display name for it and can even have an avatar.

Tournaments: This area is where you can play Blackjack or Slots in a tournament style of play. They take place at certain times, have set rewards and you play against other casino visitors. Sometimes they are free and other times they have entrance fees. They also offer extra play time for a fee to increase your chance of winning the tournament – at least when it comes to the slots games this is true.

The¬†casino software used by Jackpot City UK has one of the widest variety of games we’ve ever seen. Regardless of your tastes in gambling, there’s likely to be something you’ll enjoy playing at home. Anyone who loves slot machines will have all of their tastes covered by free spins and bonus features, as well as straight up reel style games. Click here to download the software.

Click here to download your free slot machine software.

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