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Bingo Bango Boom Fruit Machine Review

Bingo Style Fruit Machine -Bingo Bango Boom!

Bingo Bango Boom Fruit Machine

Bingo Bango Boom Fruit Machine

This fruit machine has many features including 8 bonus features and the bingo theme can be seen and experienced when the bonus screen comes up.  However bingo is not immediately apparent on the play screen with the reels showing the classic fruit machine symbols of: cherries, lemons, oranges, single bars, plums, double bars, 7’s, watermelons and Bingo Bango Boom being the jackpot symbol.
This fruity can be played in various online casinos including  Jackpot City UK and can be played for free once the software has been downloaded or you can try your luck and pay to play. The game play on this fruit machine is focused getting the many exciting bonus features features and nudges. It also has some hidden features to keep you enthralled that are activated randomly during the basic game play.

Exciting Bonus Features of Bingo Bango Boom Fruit Machine

 The feature is activated by lighting up a trail of numbers starting at 1 and when it reaches 8 the bonus feature is activated.  Some of the symbols on the game reels have numbers on them and these represent how many steps up the feature trail you advance, some have the word bonus on them.  When you get a bonus on a symbol it flashes: skill stop, selector, boost and stoppa – these are self explanatory – if you get to the number 8 the bonus feature starts. At the top of the screen is shown 8 different features with 3 numbers underneath each.   There are 2 ways to start the bingo machine by pressing the spin button or a quick pick button for those who want to speed the feature up.  The numbers are ticked off your bingo card by a dabba blobbing a coloured dot on the corresponding number just like a game of bingo.

What is very helpful during the bonus feature especially when you are not familiar with them you can click on each on and it gives you an explanation exactly what it is.  An avid bingo fan will recognise some of the features names using bingo terminology.

Bingo Bonus Screen

Bingo Bonus Screen

House of cards: For this feature it goes back to the play screen and on the outer reel it highlights the 3 symbols in view randomly. Its a game of skill with the player trying to stop the highlight on the highest reel symbol and whatever symbol it stops on the other 2 reels rotate around bringing that 3 of a kind win in.

Eyes Down: This is also a skill feature, the play screen shows up and the 3 reels start to rotate around and you have to stop the reels in a winning position of 3 of the same symbols.  You can decide not to press stop and hope for a higher valued win to come in but it is timed.

Cash Bingo: In this feature you are given randomly numbered bingo balls and the win is the multiple of your stake and the number on the bingo ball. You can be given more than one bingo ball and each ball ball amount is added to your win.

Spin a Win: A random win spins in, I am a little disappointed in this feature as it is only 1 win spin and no more.

Nudge Mania: The nudges on the play screen shown on the left flash at random and you press stop, whatever it lands on that is the amount of nudges you get.  It will tell you if a win is there in that amount of nudges but you can gamble them up to a maximum of 15 nudges.  You can collect the nudges when a win is there and it will nudge it in automatically for you.  A nice bonus of this feature if you do not use the nudges as there is no win there there is a random chance that your nudges wil hold for your next spin.

Balls Up: For this feature a random numbered bingo ball appears and you choose the ball with the highest possible number on it and your win is that number multiplied by your steak.

Full House: On the bingo card a combination of 3 numbers are lit up and these change randomly.  You press the stop button you think are the highest combination of 3 numbers, these are added together to give a total.  Your win is your stake multiplied by this total.

Bingo Bango Boom: This is the jackpot feature, a game of bingo with a guaranteed win.  The bingo machine starts up and each ball is drawn, if you have that number it is crossed off your bingo card.  For a single line it pays out 50x your stake and it continues on, if you then get 2 lines it pays out 200x your stake and for a full house it pays out a massive 3000x your stake.  I have not been as lucky to get this feature yet but i think that it’s rare because of the chance of such a high payout, I will carry on playing as I do like this fruit machine and all its features.

Nudges: These are random which you can get up 1-15.  You can be awarded a random number of nudges and sometimes you are given the option to gamble for more nudges. When you get these nudges it does not tell you if a win is there but you can click on the little arrow above each reel to see what is above the symbol in view to see if a win is there. If you take the nudges and you nudge in two of the same symbols on the win line, one of hidden features may be activated and it comes up  ‘Let it spin!’.  Another random feature following nudges the light sequence changes on the hold button and one reel will jump up and down a couple of times and it tells you to ‘hold it’.  Holding it spins the win in.

This game is available in the free casino software from Jackpot City UK.

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Bingo Bango Boom Fruit Machine Summary
Paylines: 1 Line (3 Reel)
Min. Coin Size: £0.10
Max. Coin Size: £10.00
Bonus Feature: Yes
Free Spins Feature: No
Gamble Option: No
Biggest Wins/Best Pays: Up to 3000x your bet.
Our Rating: 6 out of 10

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